Armored Cables Capabilities

CEPA’s Armored Cable offer damage resistance from physical and harsh environment abuse.
This effective independent jacketing option is suitable in environments and applications
where cable assemblies are exposed to the following:
-High traffic areas
-Outdoor use (Including desert environments requiring resistance to sand abrasion)
-Destructive Animals
-Lab (Use in areas requiring resistance to chemical spills)

Operating Temperature Range -40 to +75 degrees C
Chemical Resistance Excellent resistance to acids & alkalis
Abrasion Resistance Good
Flame Resistance Slow burn
Connectors – M38999, RJ45 (shown), and others.

Ruggedization Crush-Proof Armor (PVC)
Tensile Strength 80+ lbs – (dependent on connector type)
Crush-Proof Strength 350+ lbs per linear inch
Note -This Armor may also be configured with alternate core material such as Low Loss Tape Wrapped Dielectric Coax or Discrete Wire bundling with multiple
connector options. Please contact the factory to discuss your specific requirement.