C.E. Precision Assemblies, Inc. Company Conflict Minerals Policy

In 2012, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued final rules implementing the Conflict Minerals disclosure provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  Under these rules, publicly traded companies must annually report on their use of conflict minerals (tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold, commonly referred to as 3TG) from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries.  The goal of these regulations is to reduce funds going to armed groups and help end violence in the DRC Region.

Although C.E. Precision Assemblies, Inc. is a privately held company, we support responsible sourcing of conflict minerals.  C.E. Precision Assemblies, Inc., with the assistance of our suppliers, will perform due diligence by conducting reasonable Country of Origin Inquiries on any products we purchase to ascertain the source of the 3TG minerals.   We expect our suppliers to respond in a timely manner to inquiries about purchased components and to reach out to their suppliers as necessary to provide the requested information.

C.E. Precision Assemblies, Inc. will provide the information we obtain to our customers in accordance with the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) using the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT).

We will continue to work with both our customers and suppliers to develop a transparent, conflict-free supply chain.

“Passionate about doing it right the first time” is what we embrace. At CEPA you will find this commitment is flowed into all that we do.

  • Quality in our Products
  • Quality in our Processes
  • Quality in our Culture

CEPA Quality Policy

C.E. Precision Assemblies is committed to understanding our Customer’s requirements with an emphasis on product safety. We offer innovative solutions and consistently strive to deliver best in class products and services on schedule. We are dedicated to continually improving processes to achieve Customer Satisfaction while remaining ethically responsible.

Award History

  • 2020 Northrop Grumman Outstanding Supplier Award/OmegA
  • 2015 Raytheon IDS Division – 3 Star Supplier Excellence
  • 2014 Raytheon IDS Division – 4 Star Supplier Excellence
  • 2013 Raytheon IDS Division – 3 Star Supplier Excellence
  • 2012 Raytheon IDS Division – 3 Star Supplier Excellence
  • 2010 Raytheon IDS Division – 3 Star Supplier Excellence
  • 2010 Boeing Performance Excellence Award — Silver Level
  • 2008 Boeing Performance Excellent Award

The following is a partial list of CEPA’s in-house Test Capabilities

Vector network analyzer (VNA)

✓ (1)300 KHz -8 5 GHz

✓ (2) 50 MHz – 40 GHz

BCF MIL-STD-1553 Databus Harness Tester

✓ Insertion Loss 0 – 90 dB

✓Bus/Stub/Shield integrity

Tenney T10C Enviro Temperature Chamber

✓ Synergy Nano Controller (Windows CE)

✓ Temp Range -65 to +200 C

✓ Ln² Cooling Boost System

✓ Data Logging/Capture Capabilities

Rapid Therm RT4C-4-4-A/C Temperature Chamber

✓ Temp Range -75°C to +200°C

✓ 4Hp X 4Hp Cascade Air-Cooled Self Contained
Cooling Augmented by Thermal Storage Unit

Cirrus Signature HiPot 1000H+

✓ Test Points: 128

✓ HiPot 50-630 VDC

✓ Connection residence range 1-5 MΩ

✓ Insulation residence range 5M-500 MΩ

(2) Cable-Eye M3U
✓ Test Points 0 — 280
✓ HiPot: 10-1500 VDC, 10-1000 VAC
✓ Leakage 25uA-1.5 mA (DC) 50 uA— 1.5 mA (AC)
✓ Insulation Resistance 2MΩ – 1GΩ
✓ 4-Wire Resistance Test

VC 2002 Function Signal Generator/ GOS-622G Oscilloscope
✓ Common Mode Rejection (CMR)
✓ Voltage Signal Integrity
✓ Transformer Testing
✓ Phase

Optical Comparator PH-3500/Quadra Check 2000

Assoc Research Hy-Pot (5 kV AC. 5kV DC)

TekTronix 1502C Metallic Cable Tester (TDR)

Digital Therm/Hygrometer Thermoworks

Various Digital Multimeters Fluke 177/77, etc…

110 lb Force Gauge

Various Scales & Scopes

✓ HL150A- Halad Lamp Light/USB- PC Interface

Various Inspection Equipment